Internet Connection Issues.

Hi guys,

So for some while now I have been having this problem where my internet connection will randomly just die on Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Thunderbird.

But other programs such as Skype, Steam and Origin still work with internet access. Also Skype can handle calls. This event when the internet connection randomly dies is random it can go 1-3 days fine.

-Side note- Happened today at around 1:30am while playing Guild Wars 2 and still that was not effected but programs using port 80 and 443 have been. -Side note-

So had Xampp already installed so when it happened I used the NetStat tool to see if any programs where using the Ports 80 or 443 and nothing. So I shutdown every program that had access to the internet and restated them, they still had internet access but didn't fix Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Thunderbird.

Also pinging using CMD as admin worked and I got responses. :/

So the temporary fix is to restart the computer and then that will fix it until it randomly happens again.

So I was wondering if you guys had any idea for a permanent fix. :)

TDLR; Internet randomly dies but only for Chrome and Thunderbird, other programs are fine. Tested to see if the ports where used by another program (80,443) and they were not. Only fix is to restart. Need a permanent one.
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    sounds like a wire is bad,or power saving for wakeon lan
  2. Ok I have replaced my ethernet cable with a spare that I have, and I have reset my power setting to make sure that I haven't checked anything that I shouldn't have checked.

    Thanks I will see how it goes as I cannot provoke it to happen. :)
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