O.k. I just built my new system and I waited to get my DVD r/rw becuase of finacial problems but now I think I am ready and I really want a DVD R/RW becuase it will be great for storage. I mean 4.7 GB is alot of storage space......well what I was going to ask is what is a good DVD-r-rw? For around 500 bucks.....and should i continue to wait til they fall in price more? Thanks alot!

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  1. I'm not sure exactly, but yes they are very pricy like $500 and up. It depends on the drive, and what it can do, also at what speeds. I think Pioneer has one for about $500 without tax.

    Oh, dual layer high capacity DVD-R/RW's can hold 17GB :-D (you can write on both sides, not just the under surface - but I'm not sure you can have a label on the "top" side, but that's no real disadvantage compared to the storage capacity - but I think they read a little slower).

    You may want to wait a little while longer, and just see.

    One thing, make sure you get a warranty! ;-)
  2. be careful what you buy...some of the first-gen dvd burners dont support new formats. I saw an article about this in Maximum PC, but i don't remember all the details. Might want to check it out before buyinga 500 dollar part.
  3. 'slickstaa' is right, be very careful. The formats are changing, and can mislead you (i.e. DVD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD+R, DVD-RAM... and some of them dont necessarily write normal CD's!)

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