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Verizon MiFi connection issues

My husband recently purchased the Verizon Jetpack. He can connect on his wireless notebook and my mother can connect on her dell wireless lap top. I however have not been able to connect with my desktop or my mothers desktop. First I purchased a linksys wireless usb adapter, after several hours on the phone with verizon and a frustrating 20 minutes with linksys I gave up and took the adapter back. My computer recognizes the new hardware-the usb adapter and the system recognizes there is a wireless network within range however when I went to view the wireless networks none came up. So after a little research I purchased a Belkin wireless adapter. Same problem. I am running Windows XP media center addition-verizon told my husband it is a security problem with medica center however I have not been able to connect on my mothers desktop and she has just plain old xp. My husband spend several hours on the phone with Belkin...still cannot connect. I am very frustrated and ready to return the jetpack as I cannot use it. Anyone have any ideas?

I have done an IP config and IP renew. I have manually entered the IP address. I tried running my dlink router in hopes it would connect to the usb adapter and the jetpack. There is about a thousand other things I have tried any help would be appreciated.
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  1. queenbeannm, having same issue, did you get it solved?
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    The issue is most likely the type of security. XP could only conect to WEP pre SP3. Most hot spots use WPA/WPA2 as well as many newer networks. Try updating XP to SP3 and then you should be able to conect... but you may still need to put in the network SSID and network key manualy.
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