Iiyama PLE431S, Hyundai Q17 or Sony SDM HX73S ??

I want to buy 17" LCD.
- Iiyama PLE431S
- Hyundai Q17
- Sony HX73S

I saw PLE431S & Q17 in a market - they have good picture quality and don't blurring in a games.
Last LCD - Sony HX73S is a riddle for me.
I read post of HX73S' user on HardOCP forum.
He wrote that Sony HX73S is best LCD ever had:


Another man wrote that Sony use LCD panels manufactured by Sony with response time 16ms and it's TRUE 24bit color panel- displays 16 700 000 colors - , not an 18 bit like 16ms panel from AU Optronics who displays only 262 000 colors:


Generally :
Iiyama offers best warranty - on 1 dead pixel
Hyundai is probably best LCD today - winner Tomshardware's test - Hyundai's warranty is worse but ratio power to price is best.
Sony has great design but I don't know how is picture quality :-/

Please help me choose best form this list
I'll be very thankful.
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  1. Been using my Iiyama ProLite 431SB for the last couple of weeks. My first LCD and I am extremely pleased. Really bright, to the point of having to turn it down in a dark room. NO dead pixels on arrival, none since. Really nice design (none of the awful mix of silver and black just a deep black), really sharp screen. As you'd expect integrated speakers aren't up to much except system sounds. I've not tested out its 16ms capability with any games yet but will do shortly. As to how they compare with the others you mention, I don't know sorry.
  2. Does anyone know about the gaming quality of the Iiyama screen? I've been looking into getting a lcd and getting the most bang for my buck but it seems the one I want is nowhere to be found (Q17, but there is the other non-digital versions of it out there that I wonder about. Anyway, if this Iiyama monitor is good with games and reasonably priced I might go with it over one of the Q17 variants.
  3. Had a look on Sony's website. It doesn't give any detail about the colour resolution for the HX73S. Since a proper 24bit screen would be an asset to show off. Should we thus conclude it's not a genuine 24 bit screen?
  4. I just ordered the Iiyama myself. I don't think I will be getting it this week though.
    I had an Iiyama CRT for 3 years now , best monitor I have ever seen , so I am going to trust them on the LCD's aswell.
    I will write a small review when I get it..
  5. I've got a quick look at a 431S owned by a friend of mine. It looks good, rather stylish. Feel like getting one myself, although I'm not sure how it compares with other models in it's bracket, but iiyama have a good reputation. Does anyone know the full specs of this screen?
  6. ive got an iiyama prolie e430s and its very good...1.3mp 350:1 contrast
    the 431 is the same except for 450:1 contrast and gamma correction.....afaik

    oh and both go to 1280x1024@75hz
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