More Memory or Raid?

Ok here is the conflict. I can either get A stick of either Corsair or Samsung PC 2700 512MB, Or I can get 2 40GB Maxtor Quiet Drives or 2 60's but they arnt the "Quiet Drive". What do you think I will get the most performance out of? I will be setting it up as RAID 0 on a Asus A7V266-E MB. So what would you guys suggest?
Thanks for any comment's questions or suggestions...

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  1. how much ram do you currently have? Also what's the CAS on the ram your planning to buy?
  2. Right Now I have 256MB of PC 2400 OCZ memory. The Cas on the ram I am going to buy would probably be 2.5 Maybe 2 if I felt like spending the money.. Also my HD is a Maxtor 7200RPM 30GB Drive.

  3. I would go with the ram (make sure its c2 though) You can scoop up 512 megs o'corsair shizat for about 180 at Unless your like me, that likes to save everything, he sees on the internet (almost)! I would get 1 WD 80 gig with the 8mb cache. that is almost as good as raid, but it is up to you man.

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  4. i think it depends on your needs!

    do u find yourself allways running out of ram and swapping to the hard drive?

    or do you do alot of disk intensive stuff?

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  5. I think I am going to go with the Hard Drives. I think I can up the memory later. I think I would rather have the space. I also want to learn how to setup RAID. I havnt doen anything with raid before so I think it will be a learing expeirence =). I mean putting in RAM is to easy I like nw things they are alot more interesting do deal with. So thank you guys for all the Comments. I am sure I will be asking more, SO I will see ya around...

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