[BR-6424N V2] Cant forward ports


ill try and shorten this as much as possible.

i have an Edimax BR-6424N V2 router

Windows 7 ultimate 64bit

for some reason no matter how i try, i cant forward specific ports on my computer, if not any.

i've set up a static ip lease from my router to this computer with my mac address
i've set up rules on my firewall.
i've completely disabled my anti virus and firewall at the same time
i've forwarded ports and set up virtual servers
i've set up a DMZ on my machine

and nothing works, but for some reason my utorrent client can actually forward ports (only when its fired up, if not, the port is closed). somehow its configuring my port forwarding settings. and its the only port that works on my machine when i test it online.

i also believe that if utorrent can forward a port its obviously not my ISP. i think its either my router or my OS causing this. (might have something to do with UPNP [which is enabled on my router])

Good day and thanks in advance. (and also another thank you after the issue is solved :D)
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  1. yes utorrent can automatically forward ports with uPNP. check and make sure your router has the latest firmware. contact the manufacturer if you still cannot manually configure port forwarding in the router.
  2. This cant be the only answer. i have done everything by the book. i even tried a program that uses UPNP to map ports and it didnt work.
    i did everything necessary and even things that are security compromising.
    there must be something.
    i feel like i got auto replied by customer service.
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