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If someone can educate me on this,I would rally appreciate it.I had a new Western 40 gig HDD,and an old 250 mb HDD installed on my pc.The new one was the primary master,and the old one the primary slave.Within a couple of days,the new one crashed.I replaced it with a Maxtor 40 gig,with the exact same configuration.When I installed XP,it rearranged my drive designations.The old 250mb became drive C:,and the new one drive F:,with the cdrom,and burner in between.I did the partitioning,and the formatting from the XP installation.Somehow some of the XP files got copied to the old HDD as well as the new one.There may have been an option to do something that I did not notice.At any rate,I tried using disk management to change drive letters.It let me change all but drive F:,got a message about being the boot device,and could not change.Could someone possibly explain what I did,so I do not repeat the mistake in the future,and can I possibly correct this without a XP re-install?...I have a feeling it might have something to do with the MBB,but I'm not 100% sure of anything.Thanks in advance.:)

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  1. I just had this problem with my Zip drive becoming C: and my HDD becoming E: on a new install. I had to reinstall with the Zip unplugged.
    Try installing windows with only your primary drice and the CDROm hooked up.

  2. I found a help page on how to do it,but it was way too much trouble.I went the install route as well.I guess XP sees something already configured,and determines it needs to be C: drive,and then assigns the new device the next available letter.:)

    If ya don't ask..How ya gonna know.
  3. I have the same prob, My drives are designated differently in xp pro than in 98, and i use both on the same system. I ran Norton Utilities 2002 on it, and it reconised the problem but said it was unwise to let it automaticly fix it. but i havent been able to get norton to run on my machine scince, so I would suggest Norton, or getting used to it, hell ive been running everything off of my F drive in xp, but in dos and win 98 the same drive, same label, is C. Go fig..

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  4. I just re-installed it with one drive.Configured as normal now.Looks as though I'm gonna be removing it anyway,I'm having way too much trouble with it.I'm sure most of it is me,but the end result is the same....

    If ya don't ask..How ya gonna know.
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