Netgear N600 DGND3700 dsl

I've connected my new n600 to the internet using the Talk Talk settings, but it only downloads at 256KB any ideas? as I'm stumped.

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  1. 256KB/s = 2Mb/s

    what speed are you expecting?
  2. Many thanks for responding.

    The previous modem (a thomson) was consitently 3-4 meg and sometimes more.
    The speed download test came back with 0.22MBPs. The response is poor, i.e you cannot stream a You Tube vid withoit it pausing every 5 seconds. This was not a problem previously. The ISP service hasn't changed, the only change is the N600 and a new wireless LAN.
  3. Latest speed test result is 0.16 Mbps down and 0.21 up .......
  4. This was a problem with ISP not the router
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