My desktop can pick up wireless but it says wireless no internet. I turn on my Laptop and it has internet. I turn on another wireless my desktop can pick up wireless but it says no internet. What can I do for my desktop? Thank
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    Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Off the desktop the security key for your network. Find it using these details from our Sticky Post:-

  2. Thank you for answering me. I did type and then it showed a window system32\cmd.exe with message " 'ipconfid' is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file" what can I do now?
  3. my bad. I did type wrong
  4. I did but I cant find out the number. my Default Gateway is blank.
    I did on my laptop it worked. And then I take number in my laptop then typing in desktop it didn't work.
  5. what are your laptop's IP, mask, gateway and dns? Are these configurated automatically or statics? You said, your default gateway is blank, maybe you can fill the gateway as in your laptop.
    Another possibilty is the driver of the wireless card, pls reinstall the driver and try again.
    Hope these are helpful.
  6. i fill in IP from laptop to desktop but it still doesn't have internet although it has wireless signal. I reinstall wireless driver and it still doesn't have internet. I tried with my 2 wirelesses and it can't pick up internet although it can pick up wireless signal.
    I went to IE and typed the Gateway Default from my laptop. But it didn't work. Can anyone help me pls. I dont want to take my Gateway desktop to bestbuy.

  7. Usually, automatic DHCP will giv eyou an address related to your Default Gateway but as you don't have one, you need to force the system to turn it on prpoerly. Go into Control Panel>Network Connecitons (assuming XP) or Network and Sharing Centre is Vista or Windows 7. You need to be wired to the router when you do this.

    Highlight the Local Area Connection, right click and click on Delete. Do the same to the Wireless connectoin then restart the computer. If that didn't do the trick, pelase post back - you need to set the addresses manually - probably and hopefully only once.

  8. I don't know how but It works now after I wake up. Last night I uninstall all the drivers of network. Then I scan to update computer. It did auto update. But it still didn't have internet. I repeated about 5 or six times but it was still. I shut down then went to bed. And now I turn on then it works.
    I check its IP. it is different with its desktop. But it have the same Mask and Default Gateway. I open Internet Protocol Version 4's Properties to check the IP but it is blanks and automatic obtain IP. Because last night I tried to fill the same IP from my laptop (it doesn't work).
    I dont know how it works. Thank you all you guys for replying me quickly. You are kind of people. Have a good day.
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