2X/4X CD-RW discs on 40X/12X/48X Drive

Well, I'm about to get a 40X/12X/48X Liteon. However, I still have a whole bunch of 2X/4X CD-RW discs. Will I be able to write on these discs with my new burner. Also, will I be able to attempt to write to them faster than they are rated?

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  1. I don't think you can write them faster than they are rated because RW discs are specially formatted.

    I had a pack of 16x iMation CD-Rs I was able to write at 32x using Nero.

    But I also (still have actually) a pack of 24x Comp USA CDs specifically designed for overburn (the CD-R 99 format). They will only run at 24x max

    Memorex and Comp USA both have 8-10x high speed RWs out. You can find a pack of like 5, for $10

    Like I can say to myself, happy burning (writing) :-)
  2. CD-RW's ARE specially formatted, they are cheaper (and older) because they use chemicals that dont react to the laser as quickly (as newer ones), you will be able to write it in ur new drive, but it will only write at 4x or so.

    You can write CD-R's quicker than usual if you have a VERY good (and error free) burner but It's not necessary.

    Also bare in mind that a 40x writer writes a full cd in the same time as a 24x (it's not quicker unless you use multisession discs)

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  3. My burner happily burns old 4x media at 8x.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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