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Here's the issue.... I'm using a Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN connection through a newer router. My ISP is comcast and my speed for the connection fluctuates around 110 - 130 Mbps. When I download a bitTorrent file through a client my internet connection is very slow, around 50kbps...and the connection frequently cuts out and the only way to reestablish internet connection is to restart my computer. The problems occurred after a series of computer updates.

What else you need to know:

When the connection to the internet goes down on this computer, other wireless devices can still connect to the internet (so it doesn't seem to be an issue with the router or ISP)

My average transfer rate was anywhere from 200kbps to 2Mbps, but is now consistently around 55kbps regardless of seeds/peers

I'm fully aware of the requirements through bitClients as far as max connections and output/throughput are concerned and I don't think that's the issue

My drivers are all updated

I'm running Windows Vista


Thanks for the help
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  1. mjcole said:
    The problems occurred after a series of computer updates.

    Any more info on this?

    Also, Comcast has been accused of throttling torrent users in the past. Not sure if that's legitimate or internet paranoia, but it's possible, and may depend on wether you're torrenting linux distros (Comcast indifferent) or Universal movies (Comcast mad).
  2. Go to and run that, if its close to the speed you are paying for then you are getting what you pay for.

    Pretty much all isps use traffic shaping at this point.
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