How do i connect 2 computers to the same modem using a rj45 splitter

can I use a RJ45 splitter with 2 female ends to run the internet off the same modem for 2 computers?ie:going from the ethernernet port off the back of my modem,install the splitter there and then send 2 diferant cables to 2 computers to have access to the internet with both compputers or can someone explain to me why this wont work and offer a solution,Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. A splitter is meant to be used the other way round so two cables from switch into splitter to one cable back to two cables into PCs.

    A switch would be a better option.

    It would look like this:
    Modem/Router --> Switch --> PC1 & PC2

    Does your modem only have one port available for hosts?
    Also what model is your modem?
  2. It only has 1 rj45 jack and 1 USB out for the modem.The model is 2 Wire Gateway 2071 and it's supplied by my internet ISP co.I'm gonna have to use a router am I not.I've been doing some research on the matter and it seems like getting a wired or wireless router is going to be needed.Please tell me if you agree with this or Ive also heared of a sswith? I could use.
  3. I would replace the modem if you can and if the ISP allows it (if it's not an obligatory device etc). I used to have a usb modem like that along time ago and they aren't that great, basically just the bare minimum the ISP gives you.

    What you should get is a modem router combo with a minimum of 4 ports, these are great for home users and I have 4 PCs hooked up to one of them with no problems. They also act as switches so it's an all in one device (router, modem and switch), I personally have one. Because it's a switch AND router, you can use crossover OR straight through cables and it dosent care.

    This is what I have but it's a bit old, you can probably get something better now, but this does support ADSL2+:

    Look for a modem router with 4 port switch combo if you can find any. They are pretty cheap, should be between $50 and $100.

    If your unsure what to get, ask your local computer dealer or post here.
  4. Have you tried a network hub? They are relatively cheap. The best, least expensive method would be to get a USB hub and connect them with USB wires.
  5. Another option is getting a switch and keeping your router. Connect the switch to the router and you will have more ports.
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