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Hello, I have a Netgear WN802Tv2 which i want to connect to a Comcast SMCD3G modem/router. The SMCD3G serves a wired ethernet network running Netware 6.5, but I need wireless connectivity as well. The internal IP of the modem is 10.1.10.x, and I set the Netgear at 10.1.10.y. We can connect to the Netgear, but cannot get to the internet. How must the AP and modem be configured?
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  1. The AP should be attached to the router LAN port to LAN port and assigned either (1) a reserved dynamic address in the router, or (2) a static address that is outside the DHCP assignment range of the router but within the network 10.1.10.__

    That should do it but also turn on WPA2 security once you get it running.

    Your computers should all be set to automatically obtain an IP address from the 10.1.10.x gateway.
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