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Currently the best free Antivirus software with firewall?

I know this question gets asked alot
But I was curious what Toms members thought was the best free Antivirus and why?

I have been using Nortons Security suite the past few years and liked it
much better than it was before but my free Comcast subscription is running out

I am hopefully looking for a free AV that also includes a firewall

I have heard good things about Kaspersky and Avast though I am not sure if they include a firewall

So any opinions and rants and raves are appreciated

also any good review/benchmarking/source links are appreciated

thanks for your answers
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  1. comodo internet security suite free version would be my choice--includes firewall etc
  2. Best answer
    I like and use Avast, it does come with firewall that monitors network traffic.(called "Network Shield") You can also configure Avast to scan web traffic, mail traffic etc.

    I'm not sure if it catches everything though, i have not/ do not do any testing on antivirus programs.
  3. i read some reviews and avast did better than comodo at av detection but the review from 2010
    in the past few months I read one of the magazine reviews at the magazine stand
    that was really detailed with benching but I can remember what mag it was
    I tried searching PC Mag and PC World on google but no luck

    on another thread somebody else also mentioned Avast

    kind of taking a running vote on recommendations

    I will be going over to a Cablevision which I think is Time Warner cable modem
    curious what AV they offer
  4. I do like Nortons and $27 is a great price

    so far I think that I would try Avast from reading reviews and comments from members
    but if I didnt like it than if I can get a deal for $30 to get Nortons I would go back to it

    I had 2010,2011 and 2012 and minimal viruses
    the few viruses I did get were removed quickly

    I also do scans with MalwareBytes,Kaspersky virus scan and Mcafee Stinger
    on regular basis and havent had any serious issues
    a rare adware but no real malware
  5. I prefer Norton and GDATA Internet Security, Gdata is a dual antivirus engine Avast and Bitdefender combined under one gui.
  6. Hi :)

    My computer shops fix viruses...

    Norton Internet Security 2012 IS THE BEST paid by far...

    MSE is the best of a bad bunch of free ones....

    Seen viruses with ALL the free ones....

    NEVER seen a virus on a Norton 2012 machine as long as its up to date...

    All the best Brett :)
  7. :lol:
    dear king
    subject- sugesting free av
    in response to your advertisement in tom's news i am here to present my thought.
    Hope you will like it
    your faithfully

    karpersky internet security 2012 (not the antivirus security) have firewall too, it have 30 days trial subscription too. Rescue disk, isolation folder (can run suspected files in tht folder without causing damage to other system (atleast it is the function of that folder but i never tried that :p ))
    oh but i think that it do not support boot time scan
    i use it as a free av beacause of a hidden feature (check pm) :D
    it crashes too, but only sometimes (rarely) :D

  8. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    I prefer Norton and GDATA Internet Security, Gdata is a dual antivirus engine Avast and Bitdefender combined under one gui.

    Couldnt you just download avast and bitdefender for free or is there a benefit to paying for the whole GDATA package?
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  10. Paid: Kaspersky and NOD32 easily.

    Free: Microsoft Security Essentials.
  11. I have been using free Avast in conjunction with manual scans with Malware Bytes and so far working pretty good
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