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Ok, here's what I want to do. I have 2 hard drives running right now, and I bought a 3rd because I ran out of space recently.

I have one 8.4 gig HD, another 40 gig HD 5400, and the new 7200 rpm WD 80 gig special edition 8 meg cache drive.

I want to place almost everything that is on the 40 gig drive, which is split into 2 partitions (E: and F:) onto the 80 gig drive, minus a few items. It is mostly filled with audio applications and audio files. Windows XP is on the C: drive (8.4 gig) split into C: and D:.

So, overall I want to place Win XP onto the better 5400 HD, and leave the C: drive empty.

What program can I use that will do all of this so nothing gets damaged or lost???

If I have to rename partitions I will, that's not important. I just can't format all of the drives and start from scratch. All of my Cubase/Nuendo Songs are important and can't be lost.
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  1. Try Norton Ghost.

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  2. I looked at a copy of it and it looks far more difficult than I would like. Anything else that will work....Consider the fact I do not want to TRY a program. I want to WORK a program. LOL
  3. How about Drive Image? It's pretty simple...

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