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Hyundai Q17 - once again

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November 17, 2003 11:11:23 PM

I bought Hyundai Q17 (DVI&D-sub) :) 
But in specification on pdf from cd with drivers Hyundai says that this monitor has 25ms response time. In every specification on the websites write that Hyundai has 20 ms response time (HyDis panel) - what the hell is going on?
Please tell me what are the best settings for that LCD?

Manufacturer data of my monitor:

On the backside of monitor:
Model: Q17
Type No.: L17C0D081
Serial No.: Q170SAS937916264
Manufactured: July 2003
P/N : 631 6332 927

On the BOX:
EAN: 8809093741041
S/N: Q170SAS937916264
F/G Code: LMQ17AUS0BES51-HIE-01

Is it exactly the same Hyundai Q17 like in tomshardware's test with 20ms HyDis Panel ?

Please tell me what is best settings for this monitor - connected by DVI ? :) 

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November 18, 2003 12:15:55 PM

Thanks for posting this AFTER I place my order..

Hope there are some answers...

"It's a common conceit in games: play, die, reload, and ride the karmic wheel of kick-ass, until you get it right"
November 18, 2003 1:45:18 PM

is there any ghosting at all?
thats the onli thing im worried about..
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November 18, 2003 1:48:02 PM

Man, these LCDs are really giving me a headache! I guess I'll wait until next year when the Samsung 12ms panels are supposed to hit the market. They're supposed to be out in Q1, but I'm not holding my breath. I've been using the same 17" CRT since '95 so I guess it's not going to kill me to wait a while longer.
November 18, 2003 2:01:20 PM

some sources say the samsung 172x is in fact not good for games...
one source says something and another source says another
tomshardware says Q17 is 20 ms but users say it is 25 ms...

then the manufacturer totally screws up by introducing 845663452 different Q17 models and switches a few of their other lcd brands to other branded panels....

and all the other 874764576 Q17 posts in this forum has been totally useless in clarifying the performance and the general information of the Q17

all i want is a Q17 with dvi, and a hydis panel, with a gauranteed 20 ms (at least) and absolutely no ghosting (as stated in tomshardware)

here in Australia, the Q17a runs rampant, and most Q17a's are advertised WITH dvi all i want to know is if hyundai Q17a is STILL the same panel as the hyundai Q17 in tomshardware

iver searched the internet from top to bottom for an answer and have failed to find any....even in hardware forums...

November 18, 2003 2:52:24 PM

I just ordered a Q17S. I'll post the serial # and specs when I get it. It was advertised as being "as reviewed on Tom's Hardware." It even says that on the invoice. So it damn well better be the 20ms HyDis panel.

November 18, 2003 5:11:47 PM

Some info about Hyundai Q17 from Hyundai support:

First post:

"Dear Mr.Przemek,

thanks for the interest on our products. Actual we have to types of Q17
on the market, both in 2 colours.
Q17: VGA and DVI Input
Q17A: Only VGA input
If there is an S behind the digits in the advertisement, it means that
the product is silver colored.
The response time of both products is 20ms, ther is a mistake in the CD

Feel free to contact me for further informations.

Thanks and best regards,

Jens Gerster
Manager Service & Marketing Europe
Hyundai ImageQuest Europe GmbH
Hajo Rüter Straße 19
65239 Hochheim

Tel:+49 (0) 6146 904 0
Fax:+49 (0) 6146 904 410
E-Mail: "

Second post:

My questions:
" Hello, jgerster,

I bought Hyundai Q17 (DVI&D-sub) - silver version.
Data of my monitor:

On the backside of monitor:
Model: Q17
Type No.: L17C0D081
Serial No.: Q170SAS937916264
Manufactured: July 2003
P/N : 631 6332 927

On the BOX:
EAN: 8809093741041
S/N: Q170SAS937916264
F/G Code: LMQ17AUS0BES51-HIE-01

I believe that in my monitor is 20ms HyDis panel not 16ms AU Optronics -
as You said.
So why Hyundai write in all specification differents value of response
time ?
I saw in specification that Q17A (D-sub only) has 16ms response time of
panel in specification.
Specification of my monitor tells that is 25 ms response time.
I think that two monitors are the same and different is only digital
It's strange maintenance of Hyundai cause customers aren't sure is it
the same monitor as tested by (Hyundai is a winner) -
is it marketing because most of LCD's today have 16ms panels ?

And another question is why the "brightness" item does not adjust the
brightness ???

OK thank You for Your pation."

and answer form Hyundai:
"Dear Mr. Przemek,

Sorry for this matter, but sometimes it´s not so easy to synchronize all
this informations which are available for all customers. A problem could
also that a dealer has a unit on stock which is not from the actual
production. We don´t need to cheat our customers because of Marketing
issues, if you see german test results in magazines you will always see
that our specifications are correct and matching with the measurements
of the test companies. As you know sometimes we have to use different
panels because of shortage of the components, but different panels
didn´t means different quality. Hyundai only use A-Grad panels from
Hyundai or AU-Optronics, and any quality difference is not possible to
see without the right measurement tools.

Feel free to contact me for further informations.

Best regards,

Jens Gerster
Manager Service & Marketing Europe
Hyundai ImageQuest Europe GmbH
Hajo Rüter Straße 19
65239 Hochheim

Tel:+49 (0) 6146 904 0
Fax:+49 (0) 6146 904 410
E-Mail: "

and some about my Hyundai Q17 (DVI+D-sub):
This monitor is great for games. Absolutely NO GHOSTING effect !!!
I played in UT2003 (the most difficult game for every LCD)and this monitor is like my 17" CRT Samsung 700 IFT :)  Playing is really smooth without tearing :) 
Colors are deep :) 
Playing in non-native resolution like 1024*768 is very good - like in Iiyama PLE430S & 431S with 16ms panel from LG.
Working in windows is OK - type is very clear & sharp :) 
I set in Windows XP - Clear Type and result is great !!!
I saw NEC 1765 and with Clear Type set "ON" type was blurring.
I see little blurring only when I sroll text very fast but it's minimal and I think it's normal for every LCD.

Watching movies on this LCD is pleasure - in "Finding Nemo" colors are very good :) 
Matrix Reloaded - battle on the highway - first time I saw that persons are bringing on the background - special effects :) 
This LCD has very good picture quality :) 
Good color definitions & precise.
NO GHOSTING in a movies !

Only disadvantages I found are:

- "brightness" item adjust the brightness minimal
- speakers are crap - it's a piece of [-peep-] !!!

I connected speakers & headphones (Philips Studio Reference Series) to the input in a stand of monitor to my nForce2 mobo with SoundStorm - music from speakers sounds like old radio before second world war :p 
But the most frustrating fact is that when I listen music thru headphones connected to the stand of Hyundai that music is filthy !!!
Another fact is that when I use scroll in mouse on the website or other document I have some strange noise (zzzt zzzt) - clicks & pop-ups !!!
Audio part of this monitor is terrible.
I think that today manufacturers should offer better audio systems - we have year 2003 - not 1920 :p 
I suggest buying good speakers or connected directly to audio output in mobo.
Another solution of this problem is changing speakers for better if it possible and doing own amp based on good audio electronic components - Hyundai's audio circuit is probably very simple and cheap.

OK that's all :) 

This monitor is perfect for hard core gamers, movies & working with text.
Quality of picture is very good like in reputable LCD from Iiyama PLE430S & PLE431S but I think that view angles are better than in Iiyama's :) 
Only LCD from Eizo has better picture quality - I think Eizo makes best LCD on this planet, but unfortunatelly very expensive & not for hard core gamers - excellent for CAD/CAM & graphics.
Design & finish are very good.
Audio system is very poor - it's a the biggest weakness of this monitor :) 
Ergonomy is good but it would be adjusted sideways and is height-adjustable like in the best ergonomic monitor - Viewsonic 171b.
I think that Menu ergonomy would be better too, but it's OK.

Hyundai Q17(DVI+D-sub) 's packacking list is great:

- CD with spec & drivers with profile color ICM
- stereo mini jack audio cable
- USB cable ( This model has USB hub!!)
- D-sub cable
- DVI-D cable !!!
- power cord

Good support:

- "door to door" !!! service with 3 years warranty for every part

OK that's all today :) 

P.S." Please tell what are the best settings for this monitor ?
I set contrast & brightness like in tomshardware test but what with Hue & Flesh Tone ????"
November 18, 2003 6:21:38 PM

It was stated in another thread on here that some places have been reviewing the upcoming 172x with the 12ms panel, hence the good results, where as Tom's had the 16ms panel. Here's what I don't get. Why would Samsung go through all the R&D to make a 16ms panel that is only going to be on the market a month or 2 before they release a 12ms panel? Why didn't they just scrap the 16ms and go straight to the 12ms? After reading Tom's review it sounds like they should have.
November 18, 2003 9:25:15 PM

December 1, 2003 11:18:57 AM

Thanks for your post, kust what I need to read for the Q17