Network Throuput help?

Hello, i hope some one can advise me, i no this is problem probably has a very simple answer so please accept my apologies if the question is ridiculous!

atheros ar8131 pci e gigabyte ethernet controller (on board an asus board) on win7x64

recently while transfering file through my router ( a virgin media superhub which is a gigabyte router) to another machine on my standard workgroup home network, ive nticed speeds of only around 10-20 mbps

i have since gone in to device manager on the main machine (on one machine, havent checked the other at this point, although that is listed as a gigabyte card aswell) were files are stored.

I Then clicked properties on the card,

clicking advance, then selecting speed and duplex on the value on the right hand side it is set to auto negotiation, by clcikicking the dropdown box, there seems no mention of 1000 Mbps?

The only values are 10mbps full and half duplex and 100mbps half and full duplex but no mention or option of selecting 1000mbps half or full duplex? shouldn'y i have this option considering the card is clearly a gigabyte controller?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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  1. Couldn't Seem to edit above reply

    P.s, also if anyone has any tips or no of any settings i can enable/disable to make this home network transferring/Streaming files faster, i would be great full!

  2. The max speed is determined by both sides of the link. So for it to even be useful to configure it to 1000mbps you would also need 1000mbps to be supported on the other side of the link (your other machine), or it would just be bottlenecked.

    I know your router is a gigabit also, but it can only dish out data to your other machine at a set rate, the rate of the other machines NIC.

    I just checked my NIC, it's a gigabit one also but the option only go up to 100mps also.

    I don't know for sure, but I presume it has detected the other side of the link is only 100mbps and has capped the 1000mbps link to match it. It's just a guess but it seems logical.

    There may be ways to force it to 1000mbps but it would be like trying to pour a bucket of water into a coke bottle.
  3. The gigabit specification (design spec) requires auto detection. This is why you can't choose 1000 mbps. If it's not forced to 10 or 100, then it automatically negotiates for 1000 mbps. If that fails, it drops back to 100 mbps, then 10 mbps.
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