Install Windows 7 in VirtualBox

How do I install windows 7 in virtual box?
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    Starting a new VM for the first time

    When a VM gets started for the first time, another wizard -- the "First Start Wizard" -- will pop up to help you select an installation medium. Since the VM is created empty, it would otherwise behave just like a real computer with no operating system installed: it will do nothing and display an error message that no bootable operating system was found.

    For this reason, the wizard helps you select a medium to install an operating system from.

    If you have physical CD or DVD media from which you want to install your guest operating system (e.g. in the case of a Windows installation CD or DVD), put the media into your host's CD or DVD drive.

    Then, in the wizard's drop-down list of installation media, select "Host drive" with the correct drive letter (or, in the case of a Linux host, device file). This will allow your VM to access the media in your host drive, and you can proceed to install from there.

    If you have downloaded installation media from the Internet in the form of an ISO image file (most probably in the case of a Linux distribution), you would normally burn this file to an empty CD or DVD and proceed as just described. With VirtualBox however, you can skip this step and mount the ISO file directly. VirtualBox will then present this file as a CD or DVD-ROM drive to the virtual machine, much like it does with virtual hard disk images.

    For this case, the wizard's drop-down list contains a list of installation media that were previously used with VirtualBox.

    If your medium is not in the list (especially if you are using VirtualBox for the first time), select the small folder icon next to the drop-down list to bring up a standard file dialog, with which you can pick the image file on your host disks.

    In both cases, after making the choices in the wizard, you will be able to install your operating system.
  2. How much experience do you have with VirtualBox?
  3. not much. been looking around for tutorials that work. so far no luck. thanks for the replies. :)
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  5. The user manual/guide is pretty good.
    It should get you going without too much trouble.
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