PCIe, USB, or make HP install something internally?

Hi everyone,

HP has really screwed this one up. I bought an HP p-1270t PC that was supposed to come with integrated wireless connectivity or whatever, but instead I received it with no way of connecting to the internet at all. So after talking with customer support, they sent me a Linksys WMP 600N dual-band PCI adapter card, and they assured me it would work with my computer.

I then went ahead and bought the most compatible router, a Linksys E2500, set it up, and tried to install my adapter card today.


They messed up twice now, and it looks like I have the following options:

1. Get a PCIe card, their tech support guy recommended a TP-LINK WDN4800

2. Get a USB adapter, Linksys recommended AE3000.

3. Complain and complain to HP until they send out someone to install a card and antennae internally.

HP first wanted to send me a USB adapter, and I told them no, I would prefer a card, they are more reliable, and I don't need more stuff taking up my limited number of USB ports. HP told me they don't have anything to sell me, but they would give me credit to purchase a PCIe card elsewhere, and recommended that one. Linksys says get a Linksys product, I'm sure because they want that from a business standpoint, but everyone also stresses you should get a router and adapter from the same company, they are more compatible. However, Linksys doesn't sell PCIe cards either, they also want me to get a USB adapter.

So I can either get the TP-LINK PCI card and worry if it will work well with my Linksys router,
or get a USB adapter and worry about poor signal.

The other option is to call HP and demand they send someone out to install something internally, which their tech support guy also mentioned, but said they don't have the authority to authorize that, and it may or may not be possible.

What do you guys recommend?
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  1. if you have Windows7, try these drivers for the WMP 600N

  2. It's a PCI card, I don't have any PCI slots available, only PCIe.

    Sorry for the confusion, not compatible because I cannot install the hardware.
  3. If you got the time and the patience then I would stick with the tear HP a new one tactic, out of principle. Otherwise I would get a PCIe card and try and get a refund on the other one or sell it. The card and router should work good together as they are both capable of using the 802.11n protocol, but I have no experience with TP-Link products. I did read a couple reviews about TP-Link products that were all very good though.
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