My laptop out of nowhere today won't boot up, it says no bootable device and wan

my laptop out of nowhere today won't boot up, it says no bootable device and wants a boot disk and also says check cable connection, what\'s going on I have only had this 45 days
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  1. Do you hear the hard drive spinning up or making noise?
  2. If its only 45 days old you should take it back! Don't even try opening it or anything, you don't want to void your warranty.
  3. yes go to the nearest warranty center.
  4. If you have important data (photos, videos, documents, etc.) on the hard drive, you should try to find out if they can be saved before you give it away for warranty service, because they might reset the drive to factory state, or exchange it with a new one.

    If the drive is spinning and shows up in BIOS, then it may be a software problem, or some bad sectors. In these cases, there's a chance that by getting out the hard drive and putting it into an external USB enclosure, you can copy the files to another computer. If it doesn't void warranty, of course.
  5. wont warranty center charge money for data extraction. I m just curious.
  6. sounds like a dead hard drive. like szaboaz said, if the drive is easy to access, try to put it into another machine and recover what you need if there is anything that you do infact need. then ship it out
  7. Well, if the Original Poster is a little technical minded, she's got some more things to try, to avoid the warranty process (considering the time it sometimes take):
    - Some laptops have built-in recovery. It can be initiated by pressing a button (usually one of the function buttons, consult your manual). Of course it relies on a working hard drive with the recovery image on its hidden partition. And if successful, it erases all user data, so backup is still necessary if important files are there. But if it works, we get to know a couple things:
    a) the hard drive is in working condition,
    b) the partition table is intact
    c) the failure to boot was caused by something (still can be either hardware or software problem) that prevented the operating system to load.
    If it's successful, and the restored system boots, a disk check is still due, to be sure that there are no bad sectors.

    - Other thing to try: create a bootable Ubuntu CD (maybe on a pendrive), and boot on it. If the system partition on the hard drive is there, and the file system exists, then it will be possible to copy files over another pendrive or external hard drive, or to another computer through network/internet.
  8. Considering the amount of money we pay for these devices, a serious problem like the one described here is just cause for a return (after only 45 days). If the laptop were older I would definately suggest looking into a problem that may have been caused as a result of bad usage or an accident. But after only 45 days...
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