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Slow Download Speed

Last response: in Networking
June 7, 2012 7:40:29 PM

Hey, I just finished building a computer, and I'm having trouble with the download speed.

I'm using a Rosewill RNX-N300 ( and a Ubee wireless gateway provided my my ISP Bright House. My family has the Road Runner Lightning plan which provides up to 40 mbps download speed and 5 mbps upload speed, but when I used their speed test I only got 1.33 mbps download speed and 4.50 mbps upload speed.

I understand I'm not going to get all of what they specify, but that's ridiculously low. I've been downloading the Guild Wars 2 beta as well and it's only going at about 100kbps. It went down to 0 several times.

My internet strength is consistently at 4 or 5 bars, its really just the download speed. I've made sure all the drivers are up to date as well.

My Wireless Network Connection Status Speed varies between 1 and 7 mbps and Windows Task Manager shows that my network utilization is at 99% at 1 mbps and only around 20% at 7mbps.

There are 2 computers and 4 laptops using the same network so I'm not sure if that's the problem, but my dad just within the last couple weeks got this problem as well. His download speed is now at a crawl, but it had been working perfectly before that.

Anyways any help you can provide to my jumbled comments is greatly appreciated.

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June 7, 2012 10:58:20 PM

With 6 machines on the network, I would start by trying to eliminate them as the issue. If there is a time you know all of the other machines are off (actually off not just not being using, people love to leave things dling) then go to and see what it shows up as. If you get close to what you are paying for, then at least you know it's one of the other machines.

If it's still slow at that point, I would try hooking your machine directly up to the cable modem rather then using any form of wireless, and see what shows from the wired connection.