I want drivers

sir i have installed win 7 my mother board is mercury now audio is not working what i have to do sir pls send to my e mail id : (email deleted)
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  1. you want drivers? then go to your motherboard manufacturer web page for them
  2. Download them from Mercury's website.

  3. sir i do it but it dosen't work that's why pls send to my e mail that driver is not found mercury mother board :g41cdl-mer1107010001
    this is mother id sir :pfff:
  4. my e mail id is viveksuresh1994@gmail.com
  5. Don't include your email id, please.
    You'll be a subject of spams. I suggest you edit it out.
  6. /facepalm
  7. explain why it didn't work. as in you were not able to find it on the website or you were able to download it but unable to install it.

    i do not send to e-mail's
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