Can\'t connect to Internet with Directv hr23-700 and netgear dsl gateway model

Tried numerous times but no Internet connection between Directv hr23-700 and Netgear DSL 7550 modem/router. Is connected to home network, but no Internet.
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  1. Once, and if you have tried the following, then we can move onto troubleshooting, until then we can assume the problem lies at the UI level in the setup of the device for internet. If you have done these steps before just go over them again, just in case.

    Step 1 - Connect your DIRECTV HD DVR to your router
    Step 2 - Verify that you are connected
    -Press MENU on your DIRECTV Remote
    -Select Parental, Fav’s & Setup
    -Select System Setup
    -Select Network Setup
    -Choose Connect Now
    -Select Continue after successfully connecting to DIRECTV via the
    Internet (See figure A).
    -Select Done to complete the setup process

    -If your DIRECTV HD DVR does not immediately recognize the network
    connection, you will get the option to choose the connection method. Choose
    Wired. Follow the onscreen instructions.

    The wireless steps are a bit more in depth so refer to:

    Just starting from scratch so we know where your at and can help better. Let us know how that goes, if still no luck get back to us.
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