Trying to go online with my laptop "turns off" the internet connection

I have a wireless network set up a home. It includes an iPad 2, an HTC Desire phone and a laptop - sometimes also a PSP and an Xbox 360, but those two aren't part of the equation on a daily basis.

The laptop was added to the network just recently and seems to be the culprit.

The iPad will be streaming radio online all day, no disconnects at all, running flawlessly for hours and at the same time I'll be online with my phone with no complaints. The moment I try to go online with my laptop however, the internet dies on all the devices and I have no clue why.

I use a Dlink router for the wifi network and I've tried both having to encryption aswell as wpa2, with the same result.

I've also tried assigning specific IP addresses to the iPad, the phone and the laptop but that doesn't work either.

Any advice is GREATLY appreciated :)

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  1. Bonusinfo:

    After having this happen, I disconnect the laptop and waitabout 10-15 minutes and then I can get online with all my devices again..

    Also, the other day when this happened, I noticed that while I couldnt connect to any websites or similar on my laptop, I could still chat with a friend of mine via steam chat....strange eh?
  2. A similar thing is also happening for me. Marking this thread.
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