PS3 not working with 2wire wifi router.

Hi. The other day, I decided to set up a wifi router. Once I'd set it up, I connected my other devices to it, (laptop, iPad, iPod, etc.) but when I tried to connect my PS3 to it, the connection just timed out when it was testing the connection. I've tried it a few times - I thought maybe I'd typed in my WPA key wrong, to no avail. I really would like to know what causes this problem, and if possible, a fix for it.

Thanks in advance. I'll be very grateful if you can answer this for me.
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  1. You might try giving it a reserved dynamic address in your router or a static address outside the DHCP range but still in the network. You could also try a different radio channel, which is also set in the router configuration.

    I assume that you have tested the signal in the area near the PS3 with your laptop.
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