Is it possible for dell i3processor to instaa xp

is it possible for dell laptop i3processor to install xp
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  1. possibly. You can try it but may find problems getting the devices on the machine working as there may be no drivers for XP. Make and model would be helpful
  2. You may have to flash the BIOS to a modified version that supports windows XP.

    As tranzz said it would be a big help to list the make and model as dell make alot of laptops
  3. Never ever had to flash a bios to allow a PC that was created after an OS development to allow its install.

    Dell are pretty good about XP drivers, just use their support section of website, choose your model or enter your service tag and select XP as the OS, it will tell you want drivers are available and the one staht arn't, you can use the list provided by Windows 7 to use via google to get the original manufacturers drivers.
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