Suggestions for home server hardware?

I'm building a home router that will be used to share files locally and also through FTP or some other means online so I'm always able to access my files. My current Belkin g router is old and slow, when im transferring a file between 2 computers on the same network the max transfer speed is around 1mb/s if it even hits that. Usually this is fine, but if I try to stream HD movies or transfer large files (10gb+) its a pain and takes forever.

So my question is would I benefit from a good router so I can have better speeds?

My second question, for the server build im using a cheap ESC lga 1155 mobo, and planning on plugging it to the router through the Ethernet port on the mobo. If 1 or 2 people or so will be accessing it do I need to buy a "good" ethernet lan card or will the one in the mobo be enough?

Thank you for all the help, and if you suggest parts I'd prefer to keep it under $100.
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  1. if all computers have a 1000 Mb network card, connect them via a giga switch or a router that supports giga LAN.

    a new router will probably not improve the transfer speed via the internet

    look into FreeNAS for your file server
  2. I'd prefer a router that supports this feature because I want my server to be also connected directly to the router for outgoing files over the internet. I realize a new router wouldn't increase my speeds via internet (i'll probably be bottlenecked by my upload speed), but I'd like something that will support some faster wireless LAN speeds because the speeds I get now are fairly poor.

    Besides my old router only supports a/b/g and my laptop/desktop both support N, so its probably due for an upgrade anyways. Do you have a good router you'd recommend under $100 and preferably closer to $50?

    Right now I'm planning on having my server connected to my router by wire, same with my desktop. Then my laptop will be wireless connected when I'm at home.
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  4. Hey thanks for the numerous suggestions. I think I'll go with the netgear wnr3500l. It seems people have very good things to say about the router.
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