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I just moved into a new place and the cable company supplied me with a motorola sbg6580 gateway and I have a netgear wnr3500l router with dd-wrt. because of location I have computers plugged into both devices (htpc and game consoles in the gateway, desktops in the netgear). my question is how would i configure the gateway and router so everything sits on a single network AND the netgear with dd-wrt handling all the heavy lifting (port forwarding mostly)

Thanks in advance
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  1. for the netgear to take the load, it will need to become the gateway.

    the Motorola needs to be put into bridge mode, so it acts like a modem only and connects to the WAN/Internet port of the Netgear.

    you also need to add a switch where the Netgear currently is
  2. I too would do what Emerald suggested.

    For a wired solution:
    Internet > Motorola > Netgear > Switch > PC's, game console, htpc etc

    Make sure you have a switch that has enough ports to support all your devices +1 designated to connecting to the Netgear, and maybe even have some spare ports for expanding the network (optional but recommended). Also make sure the switch has gigabit ports.
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