Is there DVD Drive that won't stop spinning?

I'm looking for DVD-Rom that won't stop spinning because my current dvd-rom will stop spinning after a few min. of inactivity, and it causes the games to pause a few sec until CD starts to spin again. I have Lite-on 16X dvd rom. Any help will be appreciated. thank you
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  1. I'm not sure if it works on DVD drives too but I have a utility in my system tray that came with my Creative SBLive (it's called Launch Manager or something) that allows you to set the spin-down time for a CD-ROM. Could be usefull in some games and maybe for you too? Maybe there are some freeware utilities to control the spin-down time for you.
    Hope it helps you :-)

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  2. I've not looked for the liteon utility. There probably is one.

    But, if there isn't, there are a couple of programs out that will 'ping' your drive every few seconds, making it stay spun up. Don't know if they work under Nt; last time I used something like that was years ago...
  3. I don't think so. Everyone is trying to make their devices more energy efficient.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  4. one effective way of fixing it is to mirror the CD to your harddrive, then make a virtual drive out of the mirror.

    not sure how well that would work though with modern safedisk2 & 3 protected CD's.

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  5. You can download the freeware 'Nero DriveSpeed' from this site . It detects your CD-ROM/writer capabilities and settings. You can then adjust the speed (e.g. from 1x-40x on my Asus 40x max) and your spin down time. Some drives don't support it well though: Although I set my Acer 640P (40x max) to infinite spin-down time (meaning it wouldn't spin down at all) the drive did what it liked all the same. My Teac 24x10x40 writer and my new Asus 40x reader both support this and can run spinning all the time or set to spin down from 125ms(!) after the last access to 32 mins.
  6. crash, it might also be because of heat. Remember when everyone had overheating Kenwood drives? If you reduce spin down times I'd use some fans just to be safe.
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