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I built my first computer and got it working. But a couple of days later it decided not to shut off when I push the power button. So I (stupid me) unplugged it from the back.
Now it comes on but nothing happens! It just runs. I didn't hear any beeps to give me a clue to what is wrong.
I just hear 2 (maybe 3) chirps from the front speaker. I thought it might be the front part of my computer so I got the old one (not old but the corner was damaged a little and i was sent a new one)and used it. The same chirps.
I am guessing its the motherboard or cpu? It would make beeps if anything else was wrong right?
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  1. Check your RAM modules and your video card make sure they're all the way seated in the sockets and locked in also check everything else to make sure all cables are firmly connected, your PCI cards are all seated all your Motherboard screws are tight, if you have jumpers on the motherboard double check their configuration and make sure everything is set the way its supposed to be. You didn't say what kind of motherboard you have some of the things I've listed may be onboard the motherboard. You may have a jumperless Board that has to be configured in the CMOS setup which will require you clearing the CMOS and reconfiguring the CMOS settings you'll need your manual to do that.
  2. Gigabyte GA-7VTXE+ Socket A MB

    I have checked everything. I have rebuilt it even. I don't hear any ami beeps when there is no ram,hard drive,video card,etc... The computer itself runs but nothing happens.
    There is this little speaker inside the front part of the computer where the power switch is and it makes 2 chirpish sounds. Like someone drowning. :(
  3. are you sure that you didnt mess with the vvoltage switch on it? the american standard is 115v I believe, check the power supply, if all else fails change all the settings on the ps maybe it failed on you, it can happen (I say this from experiance grrr) maybe even the cord...

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  4. By 'got it working', what do you mean? Did it read the BIOS? Or did only the fans turn on? Did you get a picture on your screen?

    1.Besides checking the voltage setting behind the power supply and making sure it's 115, checking the jumpers, RAM and video cards,
    2.also inspect every square inch of your components, especially the capacitors on the mainboard for damage. If your capacitors are 'oozing' a brownish burnt-colored substance than it may just be broken.
    3.Do you have a CPU fan properly attached to the mainboard? Some systems won't start if the fan is running at too low of an RPM or if there is no fan at all.
    4.Are all the cables coming from the behind the front of your case plugged into your motherboard correctly (pwr sw/hdd led/speaker/etc.)? Did any get disconnected? This has happened to me before because not every case labels these cables correctly and some have more than the mainboard actually supports, so it's confusing to determine which ones go where.
    5.Is your power socket (be very careful when checking this, you will get a bad shock if you touch any of the metal inside of the power socket) worn out? By this I mean when you pulled the plug out of the socket you could have bent it so it isn't giving full metal contact to the cable connecting to your computer (but check this last as it is the most annoying to do especially since it's easy to get shocked).
    6.Also, when you pulled it out, the black power cable connecting your power supply to the outlet may have been damaged. Try using another one.
    7.Are you using a surge protector? If so, the fuse on the surge protector may have blown out when you yanked the cord so suddenly. It may need to be replaced.
    8.Is your power supply damaged? How old is it? All power supplies die over time. Are there any strange noises (besides the beeping from your computer) that you can hear?
    9.Is the ambient temperature too high?
    10.Is the power supply connected to the motherboard properly? Sometimes the pins on these can get pushed back so that they don't get full contact with the female connector on the mainboard.
    11.Are there dust or other particles stuck on the ends of your cables? I've had this happen to me before.
    12.Try unplugging your speaker plugs from the sound card and running it.
    13.Try removing all unnecessary components and running it only with the processor, memory, and graphics card, and without any hard drive, CD-ROM, PCI cards, etc.
    14.Try running your computer for 5 minutes and feeling near the processor to see if it gets any heat. If the processor or the heatsink above it does not get hot then your processor may be incompatible with your mainboard or your mainboard may be broken.
    15. Have you tried using a spare power supply to try to see if it runs? If you have a spare, make sure it has sufficient power output to power up your system. If it can display an image on the screen then the power supply is probably your culprit
    16. The beeps happen for all sorts of errors and it's documented in some places (I don't know off the top of my head). Mostly the beeps are for when the RAM is missing or isn't seated properly or the video card is missing. For the RAM it will sound off multiple beeps like you describe, and for the video card it will let off a single, long beep. If it's the RAM, which it seems it might be, insert only one stick at a time individually into the first memory slot and turn it on to check to see if any of them work.
    17. Did you try to upgrade the BIOS on your video card or mainboard? It could have messed up
    18. Where did you buy all of your stuff from? Some vendors are known to sell remarked or refurbished products without customers knowing it, which might explain things dying so quickly and easily. Also some manufacturers themselves are known for having a high rate of failure when manufacturing their products.
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