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I have got a BT Home Hub 3 router and I am trying to print on a xerox workcentre 6015NI colour printer via the wireless connection to the router on a windows7 PC. The home hub can connect to the printer - the driver seems to have installed fine and I can connect to the printers management page via its i.p. address. The printer looks as if its all ready to go but when I do a print test page - nothing happens - the test page just doesn’t print. I can cancel the document but cant print. I have tried reducing the security level on the home hub - now down to wep 64 bit but it has made no difference. Any ideas what's wrong or what else I could try.
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  1. In your router does the printer have either a static or reserved dynamic IP address?

    Printers generally don't fare well with dynamic address allocation. Just insure that the printer has its desired address (and likely netmask and then check the router configuration to see that the address is properly assigned there. Then install the printer driver on each machine as a networked printer with that address.

    You should not need to degrade your security to get it working. Although you will need to enter the security passcode into the printer either through the printer control panel or a USB connected computer for the setup.
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