Modem connect to internet but router does not

Last night Comcast reset our modem (from afar) so we could get a free movie to work. After that, we got the movie but my wireless internet now does not work. I can connect when attached to the cable modem but when I plug into the router I don't have access to internet. The router is plugged in and all lights are working (it acts normally otherwise). Also, our landline phone (which is in the bundle of the cable connection) does not work either. Comcast is willing to look at the phone but refuses to get involved in the wireless thing. What the heck is wrong? I'm internet challenged but I'm trying to learn but of course this is frustrating (since I'm blaming Comcast for the whole scenario). Let me know if there is any important detail I left out.


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  1. It sounds like they reset your modem and probably changed the WAN (outside Internet) IP address -- you may need to clone your modem MAC address to the router to fix that. The specifics of cloning the MAC address depend on your router model.

    To figure it out I would first have them get your telephone service working, then go into your router configuration pages and see if the router has the new WAN address, which you can get by directly connecting a computer to the modem and typing ipconfig in the command prompt box. Here is a more detailed description of what I'm talking about with MAC cloning:
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