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I'm trying to set up a router so I can have wireless Internet in my house but I'm not good with networking stuff and I can't seem to set it up right.

The router is connected via Ethernet to the modem and I have 3 computers connected via LAN to the router.

The the networks start running fine,both WAN and LAN, but suddenly the WAN stops working, all 4 smartphones remain connected but with no access to the Internet, If I disconnect the devices I cannot reconnect them, they detect the router but they just don't connect to it.

To solve this problem I have to go to the web browser and access the settings page of the router and Reboot it. When I do this the WAN network starts working again but the LAN network dies. I have to "Release" the Dynamic IP and then Renew it. When I do this both LAN and WAN networks work fine but eventually the WAN dies again and I have to repeat the process all over again to get it to work. I do this around 10-15 times a day.

Any solution? Any diagnostics? Like I said, I'm not very good with networking so any help you can provide would be appreciated
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  1. sounds more like a faulty router than a setting.

    Maybe there is also a firmware upgrade which may resolve the problem:
  2. jamesmcuk said:
    sounds more like a faulty router than a setting.

    Maybe there is also a firmware upgrade which may resolve the problem:

    I tried the firmware upgrade and It didnt fix the problem, Tried changing the IP adress of the router to avoid IP collision, tried stablishing fixed IP addresses for the mobile devices I'm trying to connect via WAN and the problem persists.

    The WAN seems to stay connected because on the status page of the router it shows It still has IP, subnet mask etc. Instead of showing what you would expecto if the connection is lost. So it doesnt seem to be a connection problem, its either configuration or the router itself.

    I contacted costumer support on the TP-Link website and I'm waiting for a reply. If you think about anything else that you think could help, please post! Thanks for the help!
  3. I have exactly the same problem with my brand new TP-LINK TL-WR841ND. Have you found a solution to this problem? It is super annoying to keep on restarting the router this way every half an hour... The strangest thing is that Skype keeps on working. I just can't browse websites. So I guess it does not lose connection completely.

    I have had an old dlink dir-300 before and it was working like a charm (before it died, but it was like 8 years old).

    I would really expect more from a brand new TP-LINK router. I mean the 'The Relieble Choice' part seems to be missing somewhere...
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