Problem possibly with main board

I leave for class in the morning, right after I locked my computer, and when I came back I was in for a surprise. The power light was off, but the "think" light was on and the computer was doing nothing. After a few reboots the computer would get power, but then go into the same situation with the lights that I found it in.
There was no display on the screen and neither windows or bios ever loaded.
I began disconnecting one part at a time trying to find if one piece was fried, but that yielded nothing.
Finally I disconnected everything from the IDE slots, unplugged the power from everything, took out all of my PCI cards, and I even pulled out the RAM.
The only thing left was my AGP video card. I turned it on, hoping to see BIOS load but nothing appeared on the monitor.
I tried swapping the AGP video card with a PCI video card and that was unsuccessful.
The power supply and monitor are both working.

What's going on???

The only thing that happens when I flip the switch is that the power light comes on, and eventually goes off, and the computer does no "thinking."

Any one have any ideas?

I'm thinking maybe the main board, but how does that just quit? Are there any other tests I could try to narrow down my problem.

This computer is a few years old with a Pentium II powering it. I'm not sure about what motherboard is in it.

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  1. 1) Are you getting any beep codes?
    2) Any new sounds when you tried to boot with pulled memory out?
    3) Have you tried resetting the cmos?
    4) You said power supply is working? How do you know?

    Let me know, and I'l try to help some more.

    The problem is always with the last thing you check ... so start there first.
  2. 1) beep codes
    I took everything out except for power and I didn't get any beep codes.
    2) No matter how I try to boot I get nothing.
    3) Yes, I tried resetting the cmos.
    4) I tried hooking my board up to another power supply and I got the same results.

    All I can think of is that the board fried or the processor is gone.
  3. yep... my guess is also the motherboard maybe also the cpu but not ONLY the cpu otherwise you would get some sort of beep codes.

    The problem is always with the last thing you check ... so start there first.
  4. My friend i fully sympathise ur drama...

    but think it is maybe the time to jump to something more hot...e??? what do u think???

    ;-) ;-) ;-)
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