Odd display issues through receiver

I have a PC that is connected to three monitors through two video cards, a GTX 260 and an 8400 GS. The GTX 260 has one output to an Acer 1920x1080 LCD and the other to a Onkyo SR-606 receiver. The 8400 GS feeds a Dell 19"-er.

Monitor 1: LG 1080p LCD through Receiver (right)
Monitor 2: Acer 1920x1080 LCD (center)
Monitor 3: Dell 19" (left)

So here's the deal. Lets say the receiver is on cable/satellite. Looking in Screen Resolution I see 2 and 3 there, 2 is set to main. I turn the Receiver to DVD (my computer input) and I see 1, 2 and 3, 2 is still main; all good so far. I change the receiver back to cable/satellite and all I see now is 3, which is now main. The thing is, I go into Screen Resolution and just drag 3 to the left and boom, 2 just shows up. I click make 2 my main and I'm back in business. It's becoming quite the pain in the ass. Whenever I turn off 1, 2 goes with it.

Anyone have any thoughts as to a solution? I didn't have this problem in Vista.

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    I really don't understand. You were able to resolve the issue right? Or are you saying that everything gets screwed up again when you toggle something on the receiver?

    The only suggestion I have right now is that you make sure you've got all the Vista drivers for your hardware (yes, even for the receiver). You should also consider switching up displays and see if the issue still remains—could be a compatibility problem between the receiver and a specific display that only came up in 7.
  2. The issue isn't resolved, it's just easy to fix. Every time the receiver is turned off (when it was previously getting video from the computer) the computer sees that a display is disconnected but it disconnects both DVI ports on the GTX 260. I would expect it to disconnect the TV because video is no longer being passed through the receiver to it.

    The question is, why does it disconnect both DVI ports on the GTX 260 when just the one monitor (TV) is disconnected?
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