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Computer causing router to d/c from internet?

Last response: in Networking
June 10, 2012 2:19:33 PM

Hey there, I've got a real mystery. I never had problems before, but for the last few months, my router has been disconnecting from the internet. Sometimes it won't do it for days. Other times, it'll do it 5 times in an hour. I notice internet is gone, and I then get the yellow exclamation mark. The router itself disconnects from the internet, but all my devices stay connected to the router. However, they all lose internet.

I've tried turning off all my devices except my laptop, and it still does it. However, is it possible that my laptop itself is causing the router to disconnect from the internet? (Again, all devices lose internet, not just the laptop, but they all stay connected to the router, including the laptop.)

I'm unsure if it happens when my laptop is turned off.

I'm totally at a loss. I've tried resetting my router over and over. I've talked to my ISP. They had me put a password on my router and blamed the lack of security as the culprit. This didn't fix it. They said it was because I had too many devices. Disconnecting devices did not fix it. They turned off their firewall. This also did not fix it.

Can you guys help me? :( 
June 10, 2012 3:33:45 PM

I had the same thing happening with ATT DSL. Have them check their line. Their bad line was causing errors and making the modem freeze/reset/reboot constantly.

My connection rate was 1/3 the rate I was paying for and supposed to get, 6mbps.
After quite a few calls to verify no work going on in the area to cause outages, the rep said there were so many errors the modem was resetting and there was a sync problem. She said the modem was bad.

Instead of paying $100 for another DSL modem, I went with U-verse and a higher connection rate. The first few days were h3ll and I was calling in just to be told to reset the modem. Error pileup again. Then they wanted to charge me to check the wiring in the house, even though they would not fix it! I have a single Cat5 running from the outside connection box to a 110 block and another single line from there for internet connection, so I knew that was not the problem.

Finally got them to change the line from the line box to my house outside. Everything cleared up. Very few errors and no more sync problems.
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