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I just finished my new build and everything was going along well when I loaded my drivers for the asus xonar essence st sound card. Now everything in the tool bar, but the start button will not respond and control panel is frozen. Control panel will load but takes 3 or 4 minutes and then is unresponsive. So I can't just uninstall and start over. Any one have any ideas?
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    Try booting via the Safe mode (F8).
    If that works, check your Device Manager for a bad install device.
  2. remove the drive using any 3rd party uninstallers , then check if every thing works fine after restating..if it does then find updated driver for your device ask support from the manufacturer
  3. :hello: Thanks: The driver was the problem, windows said that it lacked code 39 what ever that is. Went to the web site to download new driver but found none. Waiting on reply from ASUS. Thanks again... :hello:
  4. Which device is shown as having the bad driver?
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