Corsair or Samsung?

At they have Corsair pc2700 c2 ram for like $180.
They also have samsung pc2700 c2.5 for about $150.
I have heard that samsung can be oc'ed very well, so could I just get the samsung and oc it to c2, save myself like 30 clams and have it perform the same or better than the corsair?

Thanks for the help.

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  1. Grab the Samsung.

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  2. I have a stick of 512mb samsung pc2700 in my asus kt333. I upped it to all the fastest timings and it runs like a dream, no burning in or anything. however this is at 266fsb, i just put the system together and haven't gotten to o/c'ing it yet.
  3. Samsung is pretty good RAM, and that $30 is a difference that does look quite attractive.

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  4. sambsung = the new crucial? :smile:

    sambsung is good for 166 and beyond, but i like my certified corsair for REALLY high Mhz (PC3000 or PC3200)

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