GTXP vs GTXP 6.1?

I just got a Hercules Game Theater XP tonight at Best Buy, and now I saw a 6.1 version on Is there a difference? All the outputs on the back of my rack are the same, but the box and the driver CD mention nothing about 6.1.

Although, the system tray icon has the title of "Game Theater(tm) XP 6.1," and 6.1 and 5.1 is available in the drop down menu. Is there another 6.1 version, or did Hercules just change the packaging back to the normal GTXP, but include new drivers or something?

One more question, are the latest drivers the 4.10's listed at the Hercules site?
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  1. Apparently the only difference is that the 6.1 version comes with driver version 4.57, whereas the normal version (and latest on their website) is 4.10. I haven't been able to get my hands on the 4.57 drivers to verify this.

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  2. Hmm, drivers are v4057. I installed the 4.10 off the website, but it's odd because it still says v4057 in the systray icon as well as in the device manager. I guess it couldn't install them or something, even though the 4.10 installation ran perfectly fine.

    It's weird though, since I don't have 6.1 anywhere on my packaging. When you click on the GT icon by the clock in Windows, and goto the "other" tab...what driver version does it give you in the lower right corner?

    I don't think the 4057's should be digitally signed either, according to the device manager.
  3. beats the livin daylights outta me, usually this stuff is more intuitive to figure out. If the drivers reading 4057 are in fact actually 4.10 then what in the world is the difference between the 6.1 and origional? Is Herculees resorting to deceptive marketing tactics like Creative? Many questions...few answers, Herc's website is 11 years out of date.

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  4. Hercules announced 'Virtual 6.1' support with the v3 drivers and higher (maybe it was v4, but I'm pretty sure it was v3). I think they're just deciding to be a little more vocal about it.

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  5. Well, are 5.1 and 6.1 avalible options from your drop down menu? I think if that's there, then there isn't a difference.
  6. Uhh...I don't remember. I think so. I'll check when I get home.

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  7. I just got my GTXP last night. I haven't installed it yet. There's nothing on the box that I got that mentions 6.1. Should return this one and get one that has 6.1 on it? Have you figured this one out yet, FB?

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  8. There shouldn't be a difference, if you install it, Windows will find a device and after installing the drivers from your CD it will be labled as 6.1 (if you hover the mouse over the GT icon next to the Windows clock, it will say Game Theater XP 6.1). This should just be a packaging issue, since the only Game Theater XP on the Hercules website is labeled just as Game Theater XP.
  9. So herculees is getting into "Creative" advertising now...

    All i know is I only have a 4.1 system-P Games and music is all i do with it. Used to rent dvds but figured out going to the Theatre was the same price as a rental and 4 times cheaper than buying it-P Saved money on the 5.1 setup too that way.

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  10. Not necessarily, it depends on the way they're saying 6.1. Everything I've seen is virtual 6.1. If they say otherwise then I would agree with you.

    BTW, I've got the 4.10 drivers off their site, and it says v4057 in the GTXP control panel. So you're not really getting anything different.

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  11. Heh, they sure fooled me. I thought i was getting a version 2 when i bought it, oh well. Love the card, mystified by the company.

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  12. Actually, I made a mistake--my CD drivers are v4047. The 4.10 are in fact the v4057's though, but I'd rather use the newer anyway...for any fixes and such.

    What would be a way to test for 6.1 anyways?
  13. Assuming it's only "virtual" 6.1, there isn't really a way. If it's TRUE 6.1, then you'd hook up 6 speakers and a sub. I'll have to check for speaker setup options, I keep forgetting what's listed.

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  14. I believe you're supposed to decipher the term as "6.1 Ready." It is also capable of handling the future "7.1." I don't have links, so believe me only if you want to.


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