Deatails of Laptop connected to ISP?

I am on training period of my first job. I have been assigned a job to know the details about how a laptop is connected to ISP. I have to know all the details such as activities at all the layers, the function of cables, names of the ports where cables are connected to laptop, socket etc etc.

Please help me. Thanks

Arafat Ibn Sultan
IT Support Engineer
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Dhaka, Bangladesh


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  1. You're an IT support engineer and you don't know this stuff? Aren't you supposed to know this stuff before getting the job?
  2. may be you are correct...but my job will be permanent after completing this training period. I had been selected as a potential candidate. If u know, plz inform me
  3. Sorry, but you can't learn this stuff in a day, let alone a paragraph or two. Besides, isn't this what the training is supposed to be for?
  4. they expect me to find answers by myself.....anyway thanks
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