Mouse click problem Windows 7

I installed Windows 7 a few months ago, everything was working fine until a few days.

A while after the computer is on, i wannot click anymore neither with my touch pad nor with my external usb mouse....

The cursor moves normally but left clik and right click won't work... if i do CTRL ALT DEL and cancel it works again for a while and then starts again.

The weird part, is it's not alway for the whole screen, sometimes i cannot click windows, sometimes i cannot click the tasl bar, sometimes both...

I really can't seem to find an answer to this problem, i've been thinking it might be a problem of screen refresh as the CTRL ALT DEL solves it for a few minutes, but I'm not sure... Can someone here help me please?

I saw some othher people who seems to have the same problem, but no interesting answers anywhere...

thank you in advance
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  1. What you see on the screen is a representation of what is in the computer's memory.
    I would do a RAM test, if I were you.

    A good RAM test program can be found at
  2. Thank you for the answer, the matter was not that...

    For those who encouter those problems, i just updated my graphic card drviers with the latest from Nvidia website instead of my computer constructor drivers, since then i don't have anymore problem...
  3. The problem started again.

    After few more researchs, i noticed it came from the fact that my mouse is a logitech wireless, i tried new setpoints drivers without any success.

    So i just cahnged my mous and now problems are over.... really something logitech as to work on...
  4. I am using Microsoft Ergo mouse. It was working fine, suddenly it behaves as you mentioned. The clicks won't work, sometimes on the taskbar and sometimes on the browser. I had to pull out the batteries and put them back, then it would work for a few mins. It's really Microsoft has to replace all their crappy developers with some real smart developers
  5. The exact same symptoms suddenly appeared here too since yesterday.
    Also using a Logitech wireless mouse.

    Here's my full system spec so we could find a common denominator:

    MB: Asus P5B Deluxe WiFi/AP (BIOS 1101)
    CPU: C2D 6420 @ 3.2Ghz
    GPU: 2x 4850
    PSU: Tagan 650W
    Keyb/mouse: Logitech wireless desktop
    Sound: Auzentech X-Fi Prelude
    OS: Windows 7 Premium
    AV: Avast! (wasnt registered, did it now though..)
    Virtual DVD software: Gizmo
  6. Uhm... after messing around for a bit, it seems its a "stuck" mousewheel that's causing this behavior
    (tabs would close when left-clicked in Google Chrome)
  7. I confirm, it's my mouse that fell too many times on the floor...
  8. guys i have the same prob but its not from the mouse
    its from the windows 7 i change 3 mouse delux, and geniune 2 but prob is still here i try with fix on registry windows fix mouse fix and nothing help
  9. Is there any ways to solve this problem. I am also facing this problem. Pls help me i am getting piss off with this bug while playing game =(
  10. I have had the same problem with my z68 board but disabling USB 3 support in bios seems to have solved it. Only problem is that USB 3 ports are no longer available for USB 2 devices. However, I can live with it as my mouse is now working fine.

    Have tried different mice, memory configerations & different OC configs and the disabling the USB 3 ports has been my only solution.

    If it works for you, spread the word.
  11. Hey reorch,

    This is 2 years old thread. Make a new one, your very own.

    Those problems are probably fixed already : )
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