Blu-ray drivers for windows-7

need drivers for blu=ray
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  1. They install when you boot up the computer.
  2. You will still need software to play the blu-ray movies.
  3. ^+1! Yep. what he said. Comes with the disc drive.
  4. Basic Windows drivers will be installed when you install the OS.

    Drive manufacturer's web site, downloads section for anything else that's available.
  5. Hi :)

    The problem for most people with Bluerays is not the drivers...

    Its actually the software...

    OEM drives come with NO software which means people have to buy things like the latest version of Power DVD (which plays BRs)

    RETAIL BR drives come WITH software...

    When I bought one for my own use , I bought a RETAIL LG which comes WITH software...

    In my shops we now ONLY sell retail drives WITH software....too much hassle otherwise with customers....

    Its Sony`s restrictive BR licensing thats at fault....

    All the best Brett :)
  6. Nero Hd is the best Blu-ray Player software.
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