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Windows Decided that your system is running slow...

and it gives a pop up with three options, "switch to Win7 Basic, don't switch to Win7 Basic, or don't switch to Win7 Basic and don't remind me again"

however, the countless times i've clicked on the third and final option, "don't switch to Win7 Basic and don't remind me again" it never ceases to nag me upon trying to do simpleton tasks.

so, my specs are...
Win7 Home Prem x64
Phenom II x4 980BE 3.7Ghz (OC: 4.2Ghz)
AMD Performance Edition RAM DDR3 1600 16GB
2 7200rpm Seagate HDD's and a 5400rpm WD HDD
ASUS Xonar D1 Audio Card
BFN Killer Xeno Pro Gaming NIC
HIS Radeon HD 6950 IceQ X Turbo

somewhere in all that awesome power it feels it has the right to say, "your system sucks"

i was trying to launch 3DMark Vantage, it loaded up, got a few seconds into the first scene, and windows decided to go herpa derp on me.
-clicked don't change and don't remind again
now when i try to relaunch 3DMark Vantage the f***er automatically switches to basic and crashes 3DMark Vantage.
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  1. Make sure all your drivers are up to date, including the chipset drivers. If that doesn't work, I'd do a clean install of win 7.
  2. All that "awesome power" and you failed to list the PSU powering it?
  3. Mine does it when playing BF3 it only does it when the GPU's VRAM gets filled, then switches to basic mode and free's up some VRAM..... still drives me nuts though
  4. In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, "Stop whining."

    It's better to switch to Basic mode while gaming anyway. Even ultra mega video cards like the GTX 680 need all the VRAM they can get so you don't suffer from wr6133's middle-of-the-game flicker. Besides, isn't it all about pumping more frames out anyway? You can't do that while playing a game with Aero switched on.

    Edit: Aero isn't necessary to run Windows, especially games. Who needs eye candy while browsing the internet with your browser window maximized and you can't even see the Aero effects? Not you. Do you benefit from having Aero on with the game, even in a maximized window? Nope. If you're running 3 monitors and the game is full screen, not windowed, can Aero make it look cooler? Not a chance.
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    so what windows is doing is disabling aero to improve performance .this can happen when old or buggy programs are run or if you have an underpowered system that cannot handle win7. youre system should handle aero without a problem.
    what is aero = (

    you should go to and down load the latest drivers.

    other option

    1click start

    2 Type "sysdm.cpl" (without quotes) Press Enter
    3 This will open your "Performance Options" click the "Advanced" tab.

    4 Under the "Visual Effects" tab click on of the radials other than the default which is let windows decide and that setting will stay.
  6. @Hawkeye22: >.< d'oh my bad, forgot to list that thing, its the Corsair Enthusiast Series TX750 750W PSU

    @everyone else: i need my purple eye candy!!! I try to change the color of basic and it stays at that uber ugly light blue crap. I fail to see how launching 3DMark Vantage is more powerful than launching Crysis 2 at Maximum Detail.

    @The Great Randini: gonna try that out.
  7. @The Great Randini:
    perfect, thank you
    runs great now.
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