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Hello guys,

I'm new here in the forum, I have some doubts about two connections on a computer windows 7, the first connection to the router is switched on for the Onboard and the second connection is an internet "Radio" in Offboard connected. I want to use the second connection only for the "Dropbox" and the first for everything, Windows7 recognizes the two however it leaves the connection of the offboard as standard, let me make the connection of standard onboard and offboard leave only downloading files from the "Dropbox"
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  1. Is the wireless adapter on a different network or the same as the wired?

    Windows binds adapters with priority going to the wired connection although you can change that easily.

    If the two adapters are actually on different networks, you may be able to specify a host specific route in the routing table if the IP addresses are limited, but if there are many it might not be practical.

    There is a simple way to do what you want by program in Windows 8, but I've never tried it in 7:
  2. There are 2 cables:

    1) the cable from the router, I leave this as default

    2) the cable from the internet "Radio" (is a way of transmitting internet crap in Brazil), I only let that downloading files from the Dropbox
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