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I recently upgraded my box from a Pentuim3-667 based mobo to a Soyo SY K7VTA Pro MB and AMD XP1900+ cpu. I now am getting errors when using the (previously working) floppy drive. I do formating and I get huge numbers of bad sectors from floppys that were previouly good 1.44Mb. I also get errors when copying or pasting to/from the drive. I swapped it out with another drive and cable with the same results. Could the controller be bad on the new MoBo? Should I have done a clean re-install of W98? Any ideas/feedback is appriciated.
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  1. You should have do a clean installation since you new motherboard use a different chipset.
  2. Yes a Clean install of Win 98 should straighten it out.
  3. May I suggest a clean installation?

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