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I am using a wifi antenna and ordered what I thought was a USB repeater cable from ebay to add on to my antenna. When I got it the packaging said USB extension cable.

The auction title was "USB repeater extension cable", that is why I thought I was getting a repeater.

I can not get it to work with my antenna. When it is plugged in between the antenna and the laptop I get the error message "WLAN card not exist".
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  1. what is the length of the cable?
  2. 5 meters, and it does have a "thing" (oval black plastic) on it.
  3. USB 2.0 provides for a maximum cable length of 5 meters for devices running at Hi Speed (480 Mbit/s). The primary reason for this limit is the maximum allowed round-trip delay of about 1.5 μs. If USB host commands are unanswered by the USB device within the allowed time, the host considers the command lost.

    therefore if you have another meter of cable coming from the antenna, the cable length becomes to long.
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