Problem with Intel Advanced-N 6230 wifi/bt Card

First off please forgive me if this is in the wrong forum as I had figured my question would best be answered here.

Anyways I have an HP Probook 4530s(XU018UT- Windows 7 Professional 64bit) and it originally came with an Atheros AR9285 combo wifi/bt adapter installed. I had problems with that adapter using bluetooth and wifi at the same time. When bluetooth was activated (used my plantronics 590a bluetooth headset to listen to music on itunes), my internet connection speed dropped to less than half of normal speed (instead of about 4.35mbps down/.610mbps up, it was about 1.50mbps down/.330 up).

I am not sure if this was a flaw of the Atheros card, but I previously owned a Dell Inspiron 6400 with bluetooth and n-wifi built in and never had any speed/interference problems

I had looked on for a dual band wifi card that also did bluetooth and thats how I found the intel N6230. I had got my hands on it and put it into my laptop. The wifi works flawlessly, but getting the bluetooth to work properly is trying my patience.

It was slow to recognize and pair with my headset the first time, so I went into services.msc and changed all the bluetooth services to "automatic" instead of "manual and second attempt to recognize and pair was successful.

Now my only problem is when I am within itunes, I can not seem to use the buttons on the headset to change between songs on itunes (like I could do when the AR9285 card was installed). I know this has to do with the AD2P profile or whatever it is called, but not sure how to set that up properly using the N6230 card.

Does anyone know how can I fix my AD2P bluetooth problem on the N6230 card or be able to use bluetooth and wifi without speed issues on the AR9285 card?

I'd be happy with either card installed, just want to be able to use wifi and bluetooth together.

Sorry for the rambling, but trying to explain my situation as best as I can so someone knows what I'm dealing with. Please help :)
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  1. Just to add the Bluetooth driver is the most current one as per HP Support Assistant downloads(If it helps to know, Ive also used the most current driver right from Intel, but problem still exists either way)
  2. Anyone out there?
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