Removing partition from win 7 Pro 64 bit

Is it possible to run win 7 pro 64 without any HD partitions?
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  1. No. Where were you thinking of installing it?
  2. A HD without a partition is just a paperweight.
  3. I had some issues when I upgraded to Win 7. Specifically it stuck the OS in a partition, recommended the size (10G) and then called it C. So as you can figure it is full and I cannot resize larger nor change the letter. Does this mean reinstall. DOS format remove all partitions and start over. Or is there a Utility to fix my ignorance?
  4. Take backup of important files, and try this program:

    worked on my sister's computer with the same issue
  5. Not quite sure why you can't resize, but there are many utilities that will do this for you (ChrisCornell mentions one - you might also look at GParted). From experience I can tell you that such resizing sometimes leads to an unbootable system, but that is easily cured by doing a repair from the install DVD.

    In any case, you will still end up with at least one partition on your disk.
  6. I am sportin the 64 bit version, is there something that will work on it? The 'Easeus' is a 32 bit program.
  7. Use GParted Live (Google it). You boot it from a CD, so it doesn't matter which version of Windows you have. Backup any important data before attempting to mess about with partitions. It shouldn't go wrong, but....
  8. I resized my C:\ Drive by using Disk Management:

    1. Reduce the size of the logical partition by the amount you want to increase your C:\ Drive. This space becomes "un-allocated"

    2. Resize the C:\ Drive by increasing it to consume all "un-allocated" space.

    It takes less than one minute and didn't require any other software.

    I had to resize my C:\ Drive because Win 7 didn't allow me to make a partitiion during setup (?? weird). Therefore, Win 7 took the entire 160GB HDD. I resized immediately after installing Win 7.
  9. Tryed it. Something to do with Logical Drive I am thinking, if it was simple I would not be here. The problem arrises from the fact the OS has protected the partition, I just am at a loss to determine a way around the process. I tryed GParted, it responds the same as the Disk Manager.
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