Connecting a 2nd wireless router wirelessly

Right not my boss at his bar has a wireless netgear router, which he has lan cables running to his credit card machines, and the ipod and laptops connect wirelessly. on the weekends he has bands that play out side and he has to run a lan cable to the bar outside so he can use a credit card machine out there. we got a netgear extander with the lan port on it, so we dont have to run the cable every time we can just use the wireless extender and use the lan port to connect the credit card machine, but for some reason we cant get the lan port to work, and i have looked online and alot of people say they cant get the lan port to work either. so i wanted to find out if i can get a 2nd wireless router and put it in the bar outside, connect wirelessly to the router inside the bar and then use a short cable from the router outside to the credit machine. so is there a way to bridge the two routers to do this? or do i need to try a different extender?
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