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I just installed a new power supply, but now I can't get the computer to turn on! The switch doesnt do anything. I am sure that the power switch plug from the case is plugged into the motherboard, and that the ATX power connector is all plugged in. The computer is also plugged into a surge protector. Any ideas or help with this problem would be appreciated.
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  1. Is the power switch set to the 'on' position? (stupid but last week I accidently hit mine off when I moved my system to do an upgrade. Wasted an hour trying to find out why it wouldn't boot).

    Make sure the voltage switch is set to the correct number 115V for US, 220 for most of Europe.
    Test the PSU to make sure you didn't get a DOA one.

  2. and plug the PS into the mobo :) just in case

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  3. The voltage switch is set to 115, the PS power switch is on, and the PS is definitely plugged into the mobo. Any other ideas?
  4. if you can then replace the PS with another just to see if it start up or not, ask a friend

    Friends come and go, real friends help you move bodies. :smile:

    <font color=red>Got a silent setup, now I can hear myself thinking. hmm still silence</font color=red>
  5. i just replaced the ps w/ my old one, and its not working. Is there some connection I could have forgotten? What could I have damaged that would not allow any power to the system. I am thinking that maybe something is wrong w/ the power switch connector. Could someone please list all the connections needed just for the system to boot.
  6. Check the pins of the male connector that plugs into the mainboard. They may be pushed in too much and thus not making contact with the female connector on the mainboard. Maybe when removing your old power supply you inadvertantly damaged your mainboard. Check for damage or something like that. Also you can try using your new power supply in an older computer, and if it works you know your new power supply is good, then you can narrow it down to a mainboard, CPU, or memory problem. If it doesn't work in the older computer then you can issue an RMA. :)
  7. Troubleshoot, my man, troubleshoot.

    Got a PSU from computer geeks that tried to kill me...power was running through the shell rather than the wires. Luckily I was wearing shoes, so the shock was minimal. Otherwise, on the thinly carpeted concrete floor, I may have met my maker.

    Double check everything...sounds like you're missing something simple. Or, you may have broke something...keep ch3cking.

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